How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

Did you know that every time musicians pick up their instruments, there are fireworks going off all over their brains?Dr. Anita Collins

These are the findings by Dr. Anita Collins who earned her PhD from the University of Melbourne in the area of Neuroscience and Music Education.

In this highly informative short video created for TED-Ed, Dr. Collins and animator Sharon Colman Graham cleverly sum up how playing an instrument benefits your brain and examines some of the long-term positive effects of this, what is likened to, a full-body brain workout.

Not only does learning an instrument bring with it increased motor skills and memory function but it also enhances your social skills, confidence and self-esteem. Learning a musical instrument does for your brain what a healthy diet and exercise can do for your body.

Is your brain in need of a workout? Sign-up for one of our piano classes and let our piano instructors get the fireworks started in your brain today!

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The Transformative Power of Classical Music

If you aren’t already familiar with them TED Talks is a great place for inspiration and informative talks by people across a range of different industries including classical music.

I recently came across the following TED Talk from 2008 by Benjamin Zander who is an American conductor from the United Kingdom and a leading interpreter of the great composers Mahler and Beethoven.

Since 1979, Benjamin Zander has been the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and is known for his charisma, unyielding energy and for his brilliant pre-concert talks.

Arguably the most accessible communicator about classical music since Leonard Bernstein, Zander moves audiences with his unbridled passion and enthusiasm.Sue Fox, London Sunday Times

In this emotional and inspirational talk Mr. Zander discusses his two true passions: classical music, and helping others realize their untapped love for it. Whether you’re a lover of classical music or not it’s a great watch and I highly recommend all my piano students to check it out.

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